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What Is Professional Passport?

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

First things first, Professional Passport is so much more than a stamp of approval on your website or email footer. We act independently of providers, recruitment companies, and end clients to help set the standards in intermediary payment compliance.

What else?

As well as evaluating compliance and measuring against industry best practice, we provide all members and providers with exclusive access to cost-effective compliance and risk management solutions, along with unbiased advice and support.

We also act as a voice in the industry, standing up for key issues affecting professional contractors, consultants, interim specialists, and permanent employees across all sectors.

The best part? Professional Passport is the only insurance-backed accreditation available in the UK, ensuring complete peace of mind for everyone we work with.

Who’s it for?

Professional Passport is designed to support:

  • Providers. Our compliance standards and review process not only tests against all relevant legislation but goes further to provide complete transparency of information that is accepted by Industry Trade Bodies, Government Framework Agreements, RPOs, end clients and recruitment companies.

  • End clients. All end clients understand that their supply chain must be completely compliant. Becoming a supply chain member of Professional Passport demonstrates you have robust processes in place and only work with our Approved Providers.

  • Recruitment Agencies. With end-clients demanding that their contingent workers use only independently-assessed, compliant providers, recruitment agencies turn to Professional Passport to help them demonstrate compliance and connect with Approved Providers.

  • Contractors. Contractors can find a full list of approved providers on our website and get peace of mind that they are working for an umbrella firm that has been rigorously assessed for compliance and approved by us.

We speak your language

We aim to provide certainty in an uncertain world. Whether you’re a contractor, recruitment agency, industry provider or end-user, the Professional Passport team helps you maximise efficiencies and minimise costs while ensuring that compliance sits at the heart of everything we do.

Professional Passport is 100% independent, so you can be confident we will only operate with your best interests in mind. One more thing: we’re a team of human beings, which means we’re always on-hand to answer your questions and provide any confidential advice and support that you might need.

Looking to find out more?

Complete the quick form on our contact page, and a member of our team will get in touch at a time to suit you.

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