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In Case You Missed It - Professional Passport's Winter News Round-Up

We have seen a range of developments over the past few months, including updates on skimming activity in the sector, disguised remuneration schemes, and what is in store for the umbrella sector in 2023.

In case you missed it, here’s your quickfire round-up of updates from Professional Passport, and from our CEO, Crawford Temple, on a range of industry and wider sector news.

Contractor UK

Crawford Temple told Contractor UK that reports of inappropriate and non-compliant behaviour by Orange Genie, this time in the form of skimming, serve to give the whole umbrella industry a bad name:

Contractor UK:

Crawford Temple explains to Contractor UK readers what skimming is and why compliance standards across the sector should be used to not only ensure the correct legal processes are followed but also to address the moral and integrity issues that the sector faces:

Global Recruiter:

Crawford Temple explains the measures Professional Passport has in place to protect workers:

The Freelance Informer:

Crawford Temple told The Freelancer Informer that any move by agencies to reduce assignment rates in line with NICs reductions is very unfair on the workers:


Ahead of Thursday’s Autumn Statement Crawford Temple tells Contractor UK that off-payroll and the cost-of-living crisis have created the perfect storm for disguised remuneration schemes to thrive and the Chancellor must invest more in enforcement to rid the industry of such schemes:

Contractor UK:

With no mention of tackling tax avoidance schemes in the Autumn Statement, Crawford Temple tells Contractor UK that if the government targeted the architects of these schemes, the Treasury would see a fair return on the investment and save the country millions of pounds:

Global Recruiter:

Crawford Temple tells recruiters that it is vital they put compliance at the core of their businesses:

Contractor UK:

Speculating on the year ahead, Crawford Temple tells Contractor UK he would expect and like to see more transparency in the umbrella sector in 2023 so that non-compliance is stamped out and dodgy practices are not allowed to thrive at a cost to workers’ pockets:

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