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In Case You Missed It - Professional Passport's September News Round-Up

September marked a number of notable movements for payment intermediaries across a range of sectors, from HMRC letters to contractors around tax avoidance schemes and updates on holiday pay, to suspicious network activity alerts from umbrella company Giant.

In case you missed it, here’s your quickfire round-up of updates from Professional Passport, and from our CEO, Crawford Temple, on a range of industry and wider sector news.


HMRC is issuing letters to contractors to alert them to tax avoidance schemes when they should be chasing down the promoters of these schemes, Crawford Temple tells ContractorUK.


Crawford Temple speaks to IWORK about holiday pay, how the contractual terms should work and what Professional Passport is doing to ensure its providers are compliant and that contractors receive what is rightly due to them.

HR Magazine:

Given the current climate and a raft of media exposure around ethics, exploitation and non-compliance in the recruitment and contingent workforce industry, Crawford Temple explains why it has never been more important that everyone in the supply chain works together to develop good working practices:

Staffing Industry News:

Crawford Temple says that the recent news that umbrella company Giant has detected “suspicious network activity” is worrying for the industry and serves to highlight the importance of secure systems as providers hold a lot of sensitive data on their systems.

Global Recruiter:

Crawford Temple told Global Recruiter it has taken steps to develop an automated tool that will provide the highest level of transparency for agency members so that they can quickly identify and check on those providers approved by Professional Passport and identify any companies masquerading by using similar names:

To stay up to date with the latest news and insights from Professional Passport, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, and If you're looking to work with a provider that’s earned a legitimate seal of approval, head to the Professional Passport Approved Providers list.

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