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In Case You Missed It - Professional Passport's January News Round-Up

As we head towards a new tax year, we have seen 2022 begin with a number of continued developments across payment intermediaries, including the government’s call for evidence on umbrellas, and key updates on compliance and due diligence for those engaging with payment intermediaries.

In case you missed it, here’s your quickfire round-up of updates from Professional Passport, and from our CEO, Crawford Temple, on a range of industry and wider sector news.

Global Recruiter

Crawford Temple recaps on the new changes, rules and processes that have been introduced by policymakers over the last two years so that recruiters can check they have been properly understood and correctly implemented:


Crawford Temple reminds contractors about what a bonafide compliant umbrella should offer:


Crawford Temple urges contractors to make their voices heard on umbrellas and engage with the government’s consultation which closes on February 22nd:

Contractor UK:

As we head towards a new tax year, Crawford Temple suggests it would be prudent for contractors, in particular those operating through umbrella companies, to carry out some important checks to ensure their tax affairs are in order:

Freelance UK:

Crawford Temple tells Freelance UK that freelancers should conduct their own due diligence before signing up to an umbrella firm:

Computer Weekly:

Crawford Temple told Computer Weekly that any contractors who are concerned about how their earnings are being reported in the wake of the recent cyber attacks on a number of umbrella firms should open up a personal tax account with HMRC:

Contractor UK:

Crawford Temple has some advice for contractors working through umbrellas ahead of the Government’s plans to raise National Insurance:

To stay up to date with the latest news and insights from Professional Passport, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, and If you're looking to work with a provider that’s earned a legitimate seal of approval, head to the Professional Passport Approved Providers list.

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