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In Case You Missed It - Professional Passport's August News Round-Up

As the holiday period comes to an end, August saw a range of continued developments across the sector for payment intermediaries, such as updates on holiday pay rights, the Harpur Trust vs Brazel ruling, and fines for tax avoidance schemes.

In case you missed it, here’s your quickfire round-up of updates from Professional Passport, and from our CEO, Crawford Temple, on a range of industry and wider sector news.


Crawford Temple tells ContractorUK that it is vital that workers know their holiday pay rights and any campaign that serves to educate and inform workers about their entitlements has to be welcomed:

The HR Director

Crawford Temple reflects on what the Harpur Trust vs Brazel ruling means for the supply chain:

Freelance Informer

Crawford Temple tells Freelance Informer that facing fines might raise the bar for due diligence checks on third-party payment intermediaries and hopefully create the level playing field that the sector is seeking by eradicating those providers operating with shady practices:

The HR Director

Crawford Temple tells The HR Director that we need changes rather than more lip service to tackle non-compliance in the supply chain:

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