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Crawford Temple's Comment on the Labour Market Enforcement Strategy 2023/24

Margaret Beels, the Director of Labour Market Enforcement has released her strategy for 2023/2024: United Kingdom Labour Market Enforcement Strategy 2023/24 - GOV.UK.

Commenting, Crawford Temple, CEO of Professional Passport, the UK's leading assessor of payment intermediary compliance said:

"There are some green shoots of positivity in the report although the proof will be in the pudding as to whether these merge into real actions.

"Professional Passport has been calling for a working group for some time now - a working group must be set up so that a collegiate approach can be taken by compliance bodies and trade associations to work alongside Government to drive up standards and level the compliance field, we see that this has finally been recognised and features in the report.

"We have also been highlighting the lack of proactive use of data, once again this has been referenced together with closer working relationships between Government Departments. As we have been pushing for this for a number of years, I will watch keenly what emerges.

"Ms Beels has a hard task on her hands - I sense the frustration in the tone with which she has written her strategy for the upcoming year. It's an uphill struggle for sure but we must take the steps to overcome the challenges that the labour market is facing in all its guises."

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