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Crawford Temple's Comment On the Call For Evidence Response & The New Consultation on Tackling Non-C

The Government has today published its response to the Call for Evidence consultation into the Umbrella Market that closed over a year ago, here:

The Government has also opened a new consultation into tackling non-compliance:

Commenting on the findings and the new consultation opened into tackling non-compliance, Crawford Temple, CEO and founder of Professional Passport, the UK’s largest independent assessor of payment intermediary compliance said:

“I welcomed the call for evidence into the umbrella market as a genuine attempt by Government to understand the challenges that the sector is facing. The industry has waited over a year to hear this response and it is clear that some very detailed work is required to consider all the options and identify the most appropriate way forward.

“The consultation that the Government has released in tandem with today’s response is more encouraging and positive and suggests that the Government is keen to adopt a new approach and intends to raise the bar across the industry. I applaud that stance. It is therefore vital that the Government, accreditation bodies, clients and recruiters now work together. There is a lot of work to be done, specifically in the areas around due diligence and debt transfer as one example, and we would urge HMRC to take us up on our suggestion to form a working group of experts so that together the industry can move forward for the better and benefit of our sector.”

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